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I cover personal finance, small business and lifestyle. My stories offer readers new insights and practical ways to save $, advance their careers or improve their lives.

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Crowdfunding for Startup Capital -- And Market Intel

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter offer more than money. With the right approach, young entrepreneurs can also gain valuable market insights....

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How a Chance Encounter on a Bus Inspired a Social Entrepreneur to Start Up

The questions entrepreneurs ask themselves before launching are often just as pivotal as the idea itself. Here's a look at how one young trep made those......

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How a Couple of College Kids Turned a Silly Sport into a Booming ...

How a Couple of College Kids Turned a Silly Sport i...

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How to Ease Acquisitions from the Acqui-Hired Founders

Tech giants aren't just looking for talent, they're buying it. See what the transition has been like for start-up founders....

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Making Freedom Part of the Business Model: How a Young Trep Helped Fuel the Arab Spring

Silicon Valley-based AnchorFree gained prominence during the uprisings in the Middle East for helping protestors cover their web tracks. See how the company......

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On Starting Up From Three Veteran Entrepreneurs

You may think you know what tough is, but these three vets can tell you a few stories....

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Quirky Startup Perks: 'A Mating Call' for Tech Talent?

Between bacon-wrapped cash, winery outings and a year's supply of PBR, startups are rolling out all the stops for top talent....

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Should You Name Drop Another Startup?

Jun 3, 2013 ... Boston-based freelance journalist Susan Johnston has covered entrepreneurship, small business and personal finance for publications ......

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Students Funding Students: A Look at Campus-Based Investment Funds

In the race to find the next young entrepreneurial dynamo, VC firms are increasingly putting students in control of the selection process....

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Teen Inventor Asks the Question 'Wouldn't It Be Cool If...'

Sixteen-year-old contest winner Greyson McCluskey gets the rare opportunity to work with a team of innovation pros to help him turn his big idea into a reality....

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The Pros and Cons of Working for Equity

From scope creep to the opportunity to cash in, a look at the good and bad of working in exchange for equity....