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Late For A Date? Here's How To Deal | Happen Magazine

Late For A Date? Here’s How To Deal

Whether you’re the perpetually tardy type or the person stuck sitting and checking your watch while you scan the crowd, here’s how to deal with a delayed arrival on your next date.

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Making Peace With Your Partner's Pets | Happen Magazine

If “man’s best friend” strikes terror in your heart or you can’t stomach kitty litter, should you date an animal lover? We explain how to make things work without raising any hackles.

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No Spark? Give It Another Chance! | Happen Magazine

Chemistry isn't always the best way to gauge your true compatibility with your date. If you're looking for a serious relationship, focus on finding your commonalities first — then the fireworks.

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Profiling Your Online Matches | Happen Magazine

It's not what you say, but how you say it — especially in an online dating profile.

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Romance Rituals Around The World | Happen Magazine

How do singles in Bangalore approach love and relationships differently than their counterparts in Buenos Aires? Learn more in our global guide to dating culture below.