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I cover personal finance, small business and lifestyle. My stories offer readers new insights and practical ways to save $, advance their careers or improve their lives.

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Blendedfamilies article
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3 Financial Challenges of Blended Families

Taxes and estate planning grow more complex when remarriage or step-kids enter the picture.

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3 Money Management Tips for Creative Professionals - US News

3 Money Management Tips for Creative Professionals ...

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5 Factors That Could Raise Your Insurance Rates - US News

If you’re a smoker or extreme skier, you might pay more for insurance. Here’s why....

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6 Affordable Mental Health Care Service Options

Can't afford therapy? Consider group therapy, telecounseling and other alternatives.

Craigslist article
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6 Alternatives to Buying and Selling on Craigslist - US News

Wary of Craigslist buyers and sellers? These websites and apps offer safer options.

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8 Potential Pitfalls of Credit Cards - US News and World Report

8 Potential Pitfalls of Credit Cards - US News and ...

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8 Unexpected Travel Costs – And How to Minimize Them - US News

From parking to Wi-Fi, little expenses can throw your vacation budget out of whack. ...

Books article
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Beyond Books: Why Some Libraries Now Lend Tools, Toys and More

A growing number of libraries now lend Kindles, board games, power tools and even musical instruments.

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Can You Really Make Money as a Rideshare Driver?

Consider car costs, insurance and other practicalities before becoming a rideshare driver.

Downsizing article
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Costs to Consider Before Downsizing - US News

When moving in retirement, don't forget about the property taxes, condo fees and travel expenses.